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They call dogs a man’s best friend, but they are also a winery’s best friend. Vincent Arroyo from Vincent Arroyo Winery once said, “You can’t make wine without a dog.”

In our book, Tasting the Good Life, we talked with Craig Root who said,

“I think people are also looking for a kind of Norman Rockwell feeling.  That’s what I love about some of the smaller wineries that have a winery dog or cat.  I was told that when people pull into the parking lot of one winery, the dog walks over to greet them at their car door and then walks them over to the front door.  You can’t bottle a memory like that?  I think society is very fragmented now and the sense of family and connectedness is much more tenuous, so this kind of thing–which harkens back to another time–appeals to many people.”

There are books and Facebook pages dedicated to the furry friends who make the winery experience pleasant, exciting, and more like home.  Certainly no convincing is needed to fully appreciate the joy of dogs and animal companionship.  They’ve probably even sold a couple bottles of wine!

From vawinedogs.blogspot.com

Napa Valley Vintners actually shares some information about dog-friendly wineries, where you can bring your own pooch with you to enjoy the Napa Valley air and a clean glass of wine.

Dog-friendly wineries

Check out Winery Dogs, a book that features dogs from all different parts of the valley.

Winery Dogs via Napa General Store   &    WineryDogs.com

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